La Jolla Shores

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Rudy Johanns Photographer and Digital Artist.

Rudy is doing some incredible work in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. A self taught photographer, Rudy is an example of how when the going gets tough the tough get creative. When life gives him lemons he makes beef stew and sells it to the locals. If it where not for having met Rudy my photographic style would not have gone in the direction that it is today.

The La Jolla DVD Video Postcard
This special DVD postcard is a one hour long documentary about the La Jolla community. Included in the dvd is an 11 minute aerial tour of La Jolla with my aerial photos and my 3 minute promotional video. In this site you can vie a preview of the documentary and also purchase the dvd postcard online. Look for more local DVD's comming soon.

Goldman Renderings
Goldman Renderings is a top service architectural rendering company that provides powerful marketing and sales tools that really work in today’s fast changing needs. They create outstanding solutions for architects, individuals, real estate developers, interior designers, and builders.

British Geographical Aerial Photography

British Geographical is a specialist aerial photography, environmental analysis and geographic evaluation company. Their services include traditional Oblique Aerial Photography, Vertical Photography, Building Progress Surveys, Air to Air Photography, 3d Mapping, Air to Air Photography and Digital Mosaic.

Photo Links

PhotoLinks is a directory and portal service dedicated to providing easy access to as many photographic resources as possible.


Up Photography

Specializing in aerial, telescopic mast and real estate photography in Ontario


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