Digital Artwork Shows San Diego from a Unique Point of View
By Megan Gallagher | View the full article at | February 27, 2011

While many people have the capability of snapping a photo, there are few who create photographs like Rivera. Each of his breathtaking aerial and panoramic shots are actually compilations of dozens of smaller photos that he puts together “like a puzzle.” Rafael has always had an interest in film and photography, but began taking professional photos of the scenery around him about five years ago. Rivera isn’t just on the ground either. He actually takes helicopter rides to capture photos of San Diego and other major cities. His next dream destination is Barcelona, Spain.

“When you see a photo in a museum most people will want to step back to take it all in, but because this is a bunch of pictures within the grand picture, people are really compelled to come close to it,” Rivera said. “That’s one of the special and different things that my pictures have. These pictures are really a view of your world that you’ve never seen before and what I’m trying to do is show people what is familiar from an unfamiliar vantage point.

Rivera has been exhibiting at the market for more than three years and is in attendance every Sunday. His most popular photo, which is one of the Children’s Pool in La Jolla, has sold close to 1,000 copies in two years.

“Every sale that I make is a contribution to my next project, which I think will do a good service to the city of San Diego and to the people, to show them what they’re missing,” he said.

If you can’t make it to the market, you can still view and purchase Rivera’s work online.



Kudos to GW Eye Associates

By La Jolla Light | View the full article at | June 9, 2011
Kudos to GW Eye Associates for sharing the artwork of Rafael Rivera with La Jolla. Dr. Gordon Wong says Rafael’s work captures the essence of his business — to deliver crisp and clear vision — while sharing an image that all La Jollans can appreciate. Rivera uses high-resolution aerial photography, combining multiple images to produce panoramic shots. According to his website, his work was featured in every room of the Best Western Inn by the Sea in 2010.


Photo by Jennifer Bryan

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