Petco Park Aerial Photo
This is one of the first composite pictures I made this year. This picture of Petco Park is Created by piecing together aproximately 30 photos to make one Giant Composition. Taken January 11 2011, this stitched aerial picture is a 150 Megapixe image which is perfect for a mural size print. Viewed at full resolution you can see all the way back to Balboa Park's Casa del prado and read the advertisements inside the ball park. This is a very special kind of aerial photography that takes a dynamic step outside of the traditional photographic frame and into a unique vision of our physical world. I present a wide panoramic view that shows everything as far as the eye can see. One image seems all-inclusive, a composition of skyscape/ oceanscape and landscape, creating a seemingly surreal, yet very real, aerial view through the dizzy sensation as we approach earth from the above. I am working on a project to create high resolution aerial masterpieces of the entire San Diego Coastline. You can help me accomplish my goal by contributing to my project. Every print I sell helps me pay for those expensive helicopter rides. Thanks to your contribution, I am very close to finishing my project.


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