The prices of my photos depend on the quality of the print in dpi (dots per inch) resolution and quality of the material, including inks and paper. All of these prints are meant to be archival beyond 75 years under natural lighting conditions. To ensure the ultimate in archivability the premium ink jet prints printed in 300dpi and the Kodak Endura prints are of the highest in quality. The 150 dpi ink jet is printed on a lighter weight 9.1 mil paper and is the most economical option while still being an archival print that looks great and will last many years.

Ink Jet prints are not what they use to be. These prints are printed on Large HP or Epson printers that have 12 UV resistant ink cartridges and reproduce all tones perfectly. Both HP and Epson estimate these prints to last over 200 years. Keep them away from direct sunlight and they can last even longer. The prices are dependant on the paper quality and resolution of the print. It is much more expensive to prrint an ink Jet print at full 300dpi resolution. The ones printed at 150dpi are on a lightweight 9.1mil photo paper to make it as affordable a print as possible. The difference in sharpness between 300dpi and 150dpI is only visible from very closeup. For normal viewing beyond 12" from the print, there really is no difference in clarity. I believe that there is a print for every budget. I like to offer an economy print so that you have the option of printing my pictures as large as possible.

Size in inches Ink Jet 150dpi (9.1mil) Ink Jet 200dpi ( 15mil) Ink Jet 300dpi (10.3 mil)
8x24 Not Available Not Available $30.00
10x20 Not Available Not Available $30.00
10x30 Not Available Not Available $50.00
10x40 Not Available $76.00 $108.00
12x36 $60.00 $79.00 $132.00
12x48 Not Available $93.60 $156.00
16x64 $120.00 $138.40 $250.00
16x48 $95.00 $112.80 $234.00
18x72 $112.00 $194.00 $390.00
20x60 $104.00 $156.00 $324.00
20x80 $140.00 $196.00 $546.00
20x30 $80.00 $85.00 $50.00
24x36 $76.00 $122.40 $234.00
24X72 $152.00 $208.80 $468.00
30x90 $236.00 $306.00 $941..00
30x120 $316.00 Not Available  



Kodak Proffessional Endura (E-Surface) Paper
I offer two types of Kodak Professional Endura photographic paper: Kodak Professional Supra Endura VC Digital and Kodak Endura Metallic VC Digital. Endura VC Digital is Kodak’s most popular professional paper. It is a traditional E surface (matte) paper, has a luster finish and is excellent for realistic color saturation and color accuracy as well as neutral flesh tones.

Endura Metallic VC Digital paper uses a proprietary combination of film laminate layers to produce a metallic or pearlescent look that give images a unique sense of depth and a glossy surface. It delivers rich, vibrant colors, flattering flesh tones and very deep blacks. Its special construction makes it more resistant to tearing and curling and provides a unique look in a variety of applications.

-Please allow up to two weeks for delivery of these prints.

Size in inches
Kodak E-Surface 300dpi
Kodak Metallic 300dpi
8x10 $10.00 $15.00  
8x12 $10.00 $15.00  
8x24 $52.00 $60.00  
10x20 $24.00 $44.00  
10x30 $59.56 $79.96  
10x40 $71.56 $91.56  
12x36 $75.80 $95.80  
12x48 $91.80 $115.80  
16x48 $195.96 $215.96  
16x64 $279.96 $311.96  
18x54 Not Avilable Not Available  
20x30 $104.96 $125.96  
20x60 $279.96 $307.96  
20x80 $319.96 $351.96  
24x36 $179.96 Not Available  
24X72 Not Available Not Available  
30x90 $459.00 $550.00  
30x120 $450.96 $597.00  

Rolled Canvas and Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints
This archival medium is printed on either HP or Epson Ink Jet printers. The texture of the canvas does actually hide some of the sharper details in the original photo. However a canvas print has a rich painterly quality. It is also the most affordable of the 3 options for a print that can be ready to hang in your home. Canvas is generally wrapped on thick wooden bars and hung without a frame. My canvas prints are real artist canvas, coated with a special UV protecting Lacquer, which makes them last many generations.

Size in inches Rolled Canvas Gallery Wrapped Canvas  
10x30 $75.00 $150.00  
12x36 $100.00 $200.00  
16x48 $217.60 $385.00  
18x54 $283.00 $520.00  
20x30 $178.80 $264.00  
20x60 $304.80 $525.00  
24x36 $274.00 $300.00  
24X72 $408.40 $700.00  




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