Windansea Aerial

Windansea Aerial Photo
Created in June of 2007 this panoramic aerial view of Windansea is a 250Megapixel giant picture of the famous surf spot depicted in Tom Wolfe's "The Pump House Gang". Windansea Beach is a popular surfer's beach that stretches south of Westbourne and north of Palamor. The name Windansea is also given to the neighborhood adjacent to the beach and comes from the name of a hotel that burned down in the 1940's. The main peak at Windansea is a classic reef break and has long been famous among the region's most skilled surfers for its reliable waves and consistently good form. The beach is not made for tourists having very limited parking, no bathrooms, showers or water fountains. The main cultural icon at windansea beach is a simple palm covered shack located in front of the main break and just below the narrow parking lot. "The Surf Shack at Windansea Beach" was designated as an historical landmark by the San Diego Historical Resources Board on May 27, 1998.


This is relatively low altitude view taken from about 400 feet. Normally I choose to come in close to the land in my pictures, but being that this area is famous for the surf I decided to make the ocean and the surfers the foreground of the picture.

On this particular day it was difficult for the helicopter to stay still so that I could accurately shoot the photos for a large panorama. What we had to do instead was to circle around and try to come to the same spot going very slowly as I shot the pictures. We repeated this about 5 times just to make sure that I had all the photos I needed for the picture. In total I shot about 600 photos but ended up using only about 80. The resolution of the final picture is 23,857 X
8,574 making this a giant 200 Megapixel picture with great detail and lots too look at. In fact the two surfers in the picture to the right actually recognized themselves when I displayed a huge print at the local Farmer's Market

Two surfers are waxing their boards by the The Surf Shack at Windansea Beach.

This picture looks great on Canvas and is an affordable way to have a mural size print. Contact me by email ( for a quote on a large canvas print. Every print I sell helps me get closer to my goal of photographing the entire San Diego Coastline.


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