La Jolla Shores Aerial Panorama
This panoramic aerial view of La Jolla Shores is a 180 Megapixel giant picture of one of San Diego's best beaches. La Jolla Shores is a beach in La Jolla, San Diego, California, located at the foot of the residential area of the same name. The beach is approximately one mile long and stretches from the sea cliffs just north of La Jolla Cove to Black's Beach south of Torrey Pines State Park. This composite of about 20 photos shows a span of the 1 mile beach in one single picture almost of a 180 degree view.. The full image size is 22,616 x 7,871. At full resolution you can clearly see the Aquarium in great detail. The hillside makes sure that the finer details of every single house can be seen. Some of the homes are truly spectacular palaces that can only be seen in their entirety from the air.


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