wedding Bowl La jolla

Coast Blvd Park Area and Wedding Bowl
iI personally wasn't sure what to call this picture. Google earth labels the green area close to the cliff as Coast Blvd Park. The Wedding Bowl actually reffers to the small green area located directly across the street from the Museum of Contemporary Arts. The wedding bowl is a popular area for wedding ceremonies. It is very common to see wedding ceremonies all year round. There are a good cluster of apartments and condos located right in the center of this picture. In fact the reason I took this picture is because after having seen my pictures at the local Farmer's Market many locals suggested I make one from this viewpoint. You can tell here how dense this little area is which must house many La Jolla locals.

One very important landmark located at the center of this picture is La Jolla's Bishop's School, one of the finest private highschools in the country. The Bishop's School Tower and football field are clearly visible when we zoom in. You can see the school's football team practising for their next game.

This is a 150 Megapixel and though it isn't one of my largest aerial panoramas it is one of the clearest and sharpest as it is one of the few pictures shot with the very awesome Canon 5D Mark III, a 25 Megapixel camera with very low grain. Zoom in to full resolution and you can see how clear the image is and you will be hard pressed to find a grainy or out of focus area in this picture. The actual resolution is 17,346 X 8,400. At 300 DPI this picture prints 57"x28".

Viewed in Full Resolution You can clearly see the
football field of Bishops School

This picture is one of the many pictures needed for me to accomplish my goal of photographing the entire San Diego Coastline. It is because of the support of the people in La Jolla that I created this picture. There are still many aerial panoramas still left to be created. With every contribution you bring me a step closer to accomplishing this goal.

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