San Diego Aerial Photo

Downtown San Diego Aerial Photo
This composite aerial photo of Downtown San Diego was created from 20 photos and then pieced together to make one large 160 megapixel image. The pictures used where shot in November of 2010. One of the most recent changes to the San Diego Harbor is the adition of the new Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier seen on the left directly above the Midway Museum.
You can see as far back as El Cajon and the mountains of Mexico. This is an almost 180 degree view from the San Diego Airport to the Coronado Bridge. The huge green square in the background is Balboa Park, the country's second largest urban park; second only to New York's Central Park.

The full resolution image of this picture is 17,302pixels by 9,192pixels to make this a very large 160 Mega Pixel Picture. At 300DPI it prints 57"x30". Click here to view the full resolution file. This is a very sharp photo of Downtown San Diego that will make an impression as a huge mural in a hall or room.

By supporting my project, you are helping me to document the beautiful San Diego coastline. Every little bit helps me to finance the helicopter rides which I need in order to shoot the photos used to create these high resolution aerial views. The Downtown San Diego Aerial Panorama is sure to be an excellent conversation piece in your home for many years. It's value will increase through the years as a piece of history displayed on your wall.

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